PadMan trailer: Karan Johar to Alia Bhatt – everyone is excited for the Akshay Kumar film

The rocking trailer of PadMan is fetching much attention right now. And rightly so, what a trailer! R Balki told the story he wanted to and had support in the form of Akshay Kumar‘s magic. Akshay’s matured acting, intense drama, perfect background music, punching dialogues, rural ambiance, minimal look everything adds up to the grandeur of the movie. The intensity with which Akshay has attempted to own the act is applause worthy. Of course, he managed to win hearts. Indeed, the New Year will start on a good note now!

No wonder Bollywood celebrities, too, cannot contain their excitement to watch PadMan. The intensity of the issue, Akshay’s flawless acting and the drama definitely stirred everyone. Alia tweeted, Superhero hai aur super trailer bhi! Such a sweet and honest character! @akshaykumar & @sonamakapoor surprising us once again.. can’t wait for this one 👏👏👏 #RBalki @mrsfunnybones”. Karan Johar has praised Akshay and the whole team by saying, “Relevant! Humorous and beautifully crafted! @akshaykumar is in terrific form!! Congratulations to @mrsfunnybones on her Supreme debut outing! #balki and my dearest and loveliest @sonamakapoor @radhika_apte #padman” Here, check out all the tweets below:

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the movie. Are you all? Comment below and let us know…

Padman trailer: Akshay Kumar emerges as the new Indian superhero

Akshay Kumar‘s next Republic Day release is called Padman. The film will be one of the biggest releases of 2018 and something which is expected to start the new year with a bang. And why not? Akshay has never failed to deliver on his promise of sending out socially relevant messages in an entertaining format to earn box office rewards. The trailer of Padman is finally here and all we can say is, we are bowled over by it. We told you yesterday that we got to watch the trailer ahead of its worldwide release. Now that we have watched it again, we can only say, Bravo, Akshay!

The trailer begins with an imposing skyline behind Akshay Kumar who looks triumphant. The story, as you all know, is about a villager who decides to take matter into his hands when he sees the women of his village use unhygienic ways of dealing with menstruation. Everything the guy says will resonate with every girl. It feels so good to see Bollywood finally growing up! Then there’re also cute moments between Akshay and his wife Radhika Apte which will please you further. But it’s the message the film gives which will make you proud of the people involved with it. R Balki, the director, is known to deal stories with a lot of sensitivity and Padman will be one of his crowning jewels.

Check out the trailer right here…

Talking to Hindustan Times, Akshay had said, “If you change nothing, nothing will change! It’s not about being bold, but about breaking taboos that hold us back … it is about education. I have lived with women all my life, yet I have learnt more making this film than I’ve ever known even after being surrounded by women in my own family. I do not mind who I offend, or whose stomach I may turn by being so bold publicly. This is not the Stone Age, menstruating is natural.”