‘Padman’: Interesting facts about the Akshay Kumar starrer

1. ‘PadMan’ poster: Akshay Kumar cycles his way to the trailer launch

‘PadMan’ poster: Akshay Kumar cycles his way to the trailer launch
‘PadMan’ is the most awaited and talked about films of the year. Starring Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor and Radhika Apte, the film has been piquing fans’ interest since its inception. With each new poster coming out, the curiosity only seems to increase.

Another new poster was released today where Akshay is seen cycling in the scorching heat looking all exhausted. The actor has nailed the ordinary man avatar. He is seen clad in a white shirt and beige pants with slippers.
Also, Akshay took to Twitter to share this poster and announce the date and time of the trailer’s release. He wrote, “And it’s on the way! #PadManTrailer out today at 11:00 am. @PadManTheFilm @sonamakapoor @radhika_apte @mrsfunnybones @SonyPicsIndia @kriarj #RBalki”The film is the biopic of a real-life hero Arunachalam Muruganantham who made a pad-making machine for women to provide them low-cost sanitary napkins.

2. ‘PadMan’ new poster: Akshay Kumar unveils a new poster featuring Radhika Apte

'PadMan' new poster: Akshay Kumar unveils a new poster featuring Radhika Apte
Akshay Kumar’s ‘Padman’ has been the talk of the town for its unique story. The film helmed by R. Balki is based on social entrepreneur Arunachalam Muruganantham. The actor has been releasing the posters of the film which has raised the excitement among the audience.

Akshay, once again, took to Twitter to reveal the new poster of the film. In the caption, he stated that even his wife in the film, played by Radhika Apte, keeps asking him when is the trailer coming out? The caption reads, “My wife also asking when trailer coming?
#PadMan, this Republic Day, 26.01.18.”

The new poster features Akshay in a white shirt and Radhika standing behind him wearing a simple saree while Akki holds her hands.

3.‘PadMan’: Interesting facts about the Akshay Kumar starrer

‘PadMan’: Interesting facts about the Akshay Kumar starrer
Akshay Kumar has an array of projects lined-up for next year, one of them being the R Balki directorial ‘PadMan’. Being the actor’s first release in 2018, its trailer is highly awaited. Meanwhile, the first look of Akshay in the film has already garnered a lot of attention. Thanks to its highly social message of promoting sanitary hygiene for women,’ Padman’ is already being lauded by many. If all this wasn’t enough, here we give you a rundown of interesting facts about the film that makes it a must watch…

4. Based on Twinkle Khanna’s book

Based on Twinkle Khanna’s book

Twinkle Khanna will kick-start her maiden production with ‘PadMan’. However, this is not the only connection she shares with ‘PadMan’. The movie is actually based on a book she wrote with the title ‘The Legend Of Lakshmi Prasad’. The book was, in turn, inspired by a real-life story of a social activist from Tamil Nadu named Arunachalam Muruganantham, who invented sanitary napkin machines so that rural women can afford it. Twinkle actually came across the inspiring story in a column that compelled her to write a book which is finally coming out in the form of a movie to spread the message even far and wide.

5. Special appearance by Amitabh Bachchan

Special appearance by Amitabh Bachchan
The film which already stars actors like Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor and Radhika Apte, will also feature megastar Amitabh Bachchan in ‘PadMan’, thus raising the bar higher. Big B will be seen in a special appearance in the film as himself. Pictures of Akshay and Big B shooting for that particular scene where the two can be seen sharing the stage have already surfaced. The veteran actor can be seen hugging Akshay which is presumably a part of the film. The entire sequence was shot in Delhi and Sonam Kapoor was also involved in the schedule.

6. Akshay Kumar’s first collaboration with R Balki

Akshay Kumar’s first collaboration with R Balki

Akshay has worked with a whole lot of filmmakers in his long career. However, ‘PadMan’ is his first team-up with filmmaker R Balki which now adds a new feather in his cap. Balki is known particularly for two films starring Amitabh Bachchan which was ‘Cheeni Kum’ and ‘Paa’. This will be the director’s fifth venture in films. So it will certainly be exciting to see what this combination can bring to Bollywood.

7. Change in release date from April to Republic Day

Change in release date from April to Republic Day
Initially ‘PadMan’ was touted to release on 13th April 2018. But then the release date was revised to 26th January 2018, which marks the 78th Republic Day of the country. This sudden change in date led many to question whether Akshay’s own film, the magnum opus ‘2.0’ will clash with ‘PadMan’. However, Akshay later denied this alleged clash saying that only one of his two films will release on that day, which now happens to be ‘PadMan’. So it looks like ‘2.0’ will have to wait for its turn.

8. Similarity with ‘Phullu’

Similarity with ‘Phullu’

When the idea of ‘PadMan’ was still doing the rounds, director Abhishek Saxena came up with the drama film ‘Phullu’. The movie also revolved around the concept of sanitary napkins and led many to wonder if the two movies are very similar. However, the ‘Phullu’ filmmaker clarified that his film was about raising awareness about sanitary hygiene whereas ‘PadMan’ is a success story of a man who brought a revolution in the sanitary pad industry. Still, the basic premise of the two movies remains somewhat similar and drew a lot of intrigue from movie buffs and critics.